Copywriting for Instagram: Tips and Tricks

Copywriting for Instagram: Tips and Tricks

Copywriting for Instagram: Tips and Tricks

Instagram is among the most booming platforms used for brand promo and e-commerce today. When this platform initially appeared in 2010, few specialists were considering it suitable for marketing promo strategies. Furthermore, no one might forecast such a growth of app users all around the world.

But now, marketers admit that Instagram deserves putting the effort into, as it enhances revenue and brand awareness. 72 %of app users confess they have bought at least one product that they have actually seen on Instagram.

If the efficiency of Instagram brand name publishing is quite clear, the method to do it properly in some cases is often hard to see. For instance, should you use stories? What hashtags are more effective? And, last but not least, is a copy as pertinent as images themselves? Let’s dive into this subject and discover out what techniques you need to utilize when composing a powerful copy for your Instagram.

A Profile Bio

Let’s start with the first thing that a user can see– your profile bio. A bio is a brief description of your brand and your service sphere. For example, you can compose a few words about your products, e.g. “Cruelty-free cosmetics,” or “Naturally degradable packaging producer.” This is the most important details block, as it describes who you are and what you provide.

However there is another important feature of your bio– this is the only put on Instagram where you can connect a clickable link. If you include a link to publish or comment– it will be shown as a plain text which can’t be copied and pasted to an address bar by means of the app. That’s why your bio must consist of a direct link to your website, and which you can refer back to in your posts, so as to lead your users to your website (for instance, “click the link in the bio”).

If you desire to write an ideal copy for your bio, examine out some helpful suggestions for it:

  • A bio is limited by Restricted characters. This suggests that it needs to be laconic, or written in as few words as possible.
  • Think about the strengths, significant accomplishments or advantages of your brand. Consider them as a possibility to impress somebody in 10 seconds.
  • Modification your bio info to draw attention to occasions or sales that you are having. Simply edit your bio and compose something like, “Seasonal sale as much as 50% off till May 15th, 2019,” or “Meet the Pulitzer Reward winner at our conference on Friday the 15th, at Kasbeer Hall.”
    lush instagram account
  • Keep your target market under consideration, and compose your bio according to the age, choices, interests or profession of your potential followers. Are they trainees or possibly first-time mamas? Choose the tone and words that speak to them.
  • If most of your target audience utilizes slang, lingo or specific vocabulary, use it in your bio: “Clothing from a fashionista’s vision,” or “Indie comic book shop of the strange and unusual.”
    the fabric store instagram account
  • Add CTAs, such as:”Follow the link,””Listen to our newest podcast,”or “Shop now.
  • “This will bring in more attention to the link that yousmarties instagram account
  • have connected. Usage hashtags and emojis right in your bio. Mention your benefits like,”totally free U.S.A. shipping,”or” every third box of sweet is complimentary.”Mention the place, address or area that you work in and for. Take note of your bio and don’t consider it as an unchangeable part of your profile. Many brand names change their bios in order to make them appropriate for existing trends or brand name advancement.


    You may be striving to make a terrific post while having a complete stack of designs on the set, arranging a 1.5-hour long photo-shoot of your brand-new item, working with the best specialists, and adjusting your shots in Photoshop. All this just to choose an image that provides your message, showcases your benefits, and makes your product look like a diamond– just to get no user response at all?

    However how is it possible? Well, if you desire users to see your post among the countless images that are published every day, you require to work on something other than the image itself– its caption.

    Tips for composing appealing and compelling captions:

    • Highlight the importance of your clients. Let them be the ones who pick how you make your item for them– like Adidas performs in making their shoes a tool for human self-development.
      adidas instagram post
    • Talk about your product more. Every item that has a story behind it becomes more attractive to a purchaser and more intriguing. Promote interaction. Ask questions to get more comments, recommend saving or sharing your posts, and more. Have the conversation around your items or followers’ choices look unconstrained and natural. Furthermore, this communication will permit you for more information about your followers.
      keywestpottery instagram post
    • Imagine all of your captions having a 120 character cap on them, or three lines optimum. You desire to make them catchy and compelling. All the other info(the more in-depth description or guidelines on how one can make a purchase) can be put even more away and viewed after striking the “More” button.
      adidas instagram account
    • Use slang to make your brand name closer to your audience and reveal them that you aresmarties instagram post
    • on the same wavelength. Usage discusses (type out the account name after @ to place it into a caption) when teaming up with influencers or publishing user-generated content. By doing this, you will increase the variety of people seeing your posts. By the method, user-generated content is an excellent method to promote your brand name, as it reveals that other people buy your products, and enjoy them.
    • Take notice of the information. Make the intentions of your post clear. Is it a product advertisement? You must offer all the details, qualities and rate. They can be either in the caption, or on your website. In this case, you ought to assist your users with words like, “for more details follow the link in our bio.” If this is a campaign or informational post, you can add appropriate hashtags or make specific hashtags yourself, such as, #brandnameinfo.
    • Keep your captions tidy. Make your text legible, particularly if you have a long caption. Use spacing to separate the hashtag section from the text or break a huge part of text into smaller sized ones.

    Every caption is a little story behind your image (or illustration). It’s your option whether it is a simple description or innovative marketing material that constructs a strong and appealing brand name image on social networks with its distinct design.


    Stories are a function that is widely used by brand names, specifically for brand name promotion (more particularly, 36 % of all stories posted by brand names include item promo content). They lead users straight to product purchasing pages, so that they can increase the likelihood of impulse purchases being made or content being shared.

    Tips on copywriting for Instagram stories:

    • Elaborate on item features. Not every client focuses on item attributes made a note of in long paragraphs or lists. But talking a little about the main functions of the product, and its information might draw more individuals.
    • Highlight the advantages of your product. If you have some obvious advantages, use them to make your product stand out.
    • Discuss your item’s usage. You can post user-generated material, and even show the functionality of your item yourself, just do not forget to compose a couple of words on why your product can satisfy the needs of your target audience.
    • links to the evaluation pages, article, looks into, infographics or any other sources, if you think that they will complement your items. Include a signature like “Swipe up to understand more” to help guide users.
    • You need to also include links directly to the item pages so that individuals who are interested in the item can immediately purchase it without searching for it on your site.
    • Show what’s “behind the stage” of your service. It should not be polished, as individuals will relate to unpolished stories a lot more. Compose about the barriers that you overcome or your company regimen.

    Utilize your stories to develop a connection with your target market and have an opportunity to utilize functions that are not readily available for regular posts. Keep an eye on this trending feature that gets increasingly popular.

    Covering Up

    Composing a convincing and effective copy for your Instagram isn’t basic at all. You can’t ideal it in one day, just like you can’t build your brand image or unique style in one day. After some time, your experience will show you what type of posts draw more attention or engagement. In some cases, it’s not even about the images or captions– it has to do with overall brand charisma.

    Regine Ward is an independent blog writer and a content developer who currently works for Take My Class service. She creates a great deal of educational content which contains helpful pointers and pieces of advice for everybody who has an interest in social networks marketing and copywriting. She is likewise keen on yoga and photography.

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