How to Get Real Instagram Followers Quickly

How to Get Real Instagram Followers Quickly

How to Get Real Instagram Followers Quickly


Everyone wants instant gratification. And while Instagram is definitely a commitment, there are ways to get real Instagram followers quickly.  

There are a lot of businesses that will promise you shortcuts to get more Instagram followers. But let’s be honest, ‘buying’ followers or using spam bots is never a smart business strategy. If you want to see long-term growth on your Instagram account, you need to post with intention and purpose.

#1 Spend Your Time on Instagram Wisely

How many times have you caught yourself spending hours on Instagram with nothing to show for it? Needlessly scrolling to find Instagram inspiration can be a time suck. If you’re like me, and want to see the results of your Instagram market research, you need to be intentional with your time management.

Before you even tap into Instagram, think about the kind of content you want to see.

When it comes to Instagram strategy, it’s not about the number of hours you spend conducting market research, but how you use your time wisely.

If you’re stuck about where to start with your Instagram market research, I suggest tapping into relevant hashtags. Take a look at an account in your industry niche and see how they’re consistently using the same hashtags.

For example, you could create a geo-specific hashtag when you share business content. One hashtag that’s popular for women-led businesses in Boston is #BostonBusinessWomen. It showcases all of the amazing women entrepreneurs in the city, and I’m always scoping it out for possible business connections.

#2 Look at the Instagram Comment Thread and Respond Thoughtfully

The key to maintaining strong relationships with your current and prospective followers is to always stay engaged … and I’m not talking about random emoji responses. Think of the Instagram comment thread like a conversation with a friend. What kind of comments are going to encourage someone to respond? And what comments are going to make people tune you out?

This is a great way to build an emotional connection with prospective Instagram followers. You might think to yourself:

For example, Allyson, an attorney and frequent Instagram user, recently left this thoughtful comment about my new YouTube video. Not only does she get to the heart of why the YouTube content is valuable, she provides inspiration for other people to leave their feedback.

#3 Create a Polished Instagram Feed and Bio

Don’t forget about some of your most valuable real estate on Instagram – your bio! You’ve heard me say it before, but your Instagram bio is the best way to make a good first impression to prospective followers.

Think of it like the homepage of your website:

It’s important that your Instagram bio description is always up-to-date and fits in with your brand aesthetic. Take a look at how I set up my Instagram bio on my business account, The Instagram Expert. Whether it’s promoting my latest YouTube video or upcoming online courses, I want to make sure that my Instagram bio captures all the info I need for prospective followers.

#4 Use Instagram Stories Strategically

Whether you want to show a behind-the-scenes peek or share an informal Q&A with key members of your team, Instagram Stories are a great way to catch peoples’ attention and drum up conversation. From surveying your followers to shoppable posts, you can quickly reach your followers.

It goes without saying that your Instagram Stories should always feel aligned with your brand’s look and feel. For example, Planoly always uses the same filter and font in its Instagram Stories. Using your brand colors or similar layouts in your Instagram Stories, is a great way to make sure people instantly recognize your content.

But what about if you’re trying to use Instagram Stories to catch the eye of people in your community? Or you want to connect with new followers while you’re traveling? That’s why I always recommend using geolocation stickers in your Instagram Stories. Sharing geolocation stickers make you more likely to show up in the explore tab, and your Instagram Stories are more likely to catch the attention of people also scrolling the geotag hub.

Want to find more brands and businesses in your area? Here’s how to explore the geolocation in the explore tab.

Instagram Pro tip: Share a screenshot of your Instagram feed with your warm audiences on Facebook and Twitter. Tell them why they should you on Instagram and provide a link so they can easily tap over and learn more. 

#5 Add Your Instagram Account Information to Everything You Do

How can you expect people to follow you on Instagram if they don’t know where to find you? That’s why it’s a good strategy to add your Instagram handle on your business materials and content. It not only makes you more memorable, but it also helps to build brand recognition no matter where your customers find you.

Here are a few places you can put your Instagram handle:

Once people start to remember your Instagram handle organically, they’re more likely to seek out your content and become an engaged Instagram follower.

#6 Reach Out in the Instagram Direct Message

There’s a good chance that you’ve been ignoring your Instagram Direct Message inbox. Now is the time to focus on how you can use Instagram Direct Message to spark new conversations and build on the comment thread in your Instagram feed.

Optimizing your Instagram Direct Message inbox is a really simple way to make sure you’re instantly connecting with your followers and responding to any feedback they might provide.

But don’t let the conversations pass you by – go ahead and reach out! Strike up a conversation that doesn’t feel overly salesy. You might even surprise someone with a video message. The possibilities are endless, so it’s important to be strategic with your conversations.

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