How to Get Sponsored by Brands on Instagram | Influencer Marketing

How to Get Sponsored by Brands on Instagram | Influencer Marketing

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How to Get Sponsored By Brands On Instagram

1. Account Bio

When writing your Instagram Account Bio it’s important to write with a landing page mentality. What does that mean exactly? Rather than filling your Instagram Bio with personal information such as your birthday, zodiac sign, favorite color, etc. Try placing information that pertains to your business or services that you offer.

Displaying this information will let brands/businesses know that you are single and ready to mingle with brand sponsorships on Instagram.

2. Instagram Story Highlights

This is something that is going to have significantly more importance in the coming years. With the introduction of Instagram Story Ads in early March 2018. Facebook Advertisers have been using them like mad! For a brand/business to find and Instagram influencer that is both creative and proficient in creating Instagram Story content is extremely valuable.

Try creating a short highlight real of some content that will show brands your ability to create unique content.

3. Consistency is Key

If you want to attract brands or businesses then you have to be consistent in not only the type of content that you post but your overall activity and quality of content. Brands are looking for active influencers that create high quality content that relates to their target audience. Of course as an Instagram Influencer this should already be a priority you’re constantly taking care of.

Producing high-quality content on a consistent basis will not only show brands your level of dedication to your social community. But also your incredible talent of content creation.

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