How We Grew Our Instagram Followers by 60% with User Generated Content

Have you ever stumbled throughout a company’s Instagram account and questioned how they have a lot of fans or where they got all of those remarkable images from?If you’re anything like me, that’s a repeating thought!For social networks online marketers managing Instagram and other social accounts this is something all of us definitely aim for– Stunning images, a huge following, and amazing engagement from our audience.With that in mind, I started studying numerous Instagram accounts, researching ways to gain a huge following, chatting with social networks managers from different markets, and running a few experiments of my own. What I continuously discovered was one Instagram technique that brands appeared to be utilizing above all others.That strategy is the execution of user created content(UGC). I decided to offer UGC a shot here at Buffer and the results were compelling. In under 3 months because executing a user created content project on Instagram, our account has grown by 60%– 5,850 to 9,400 followers and counting.Here’s our helpful guide to user produced material so that you may create a method of your own and see big lead to Instagram fan growth and engagement.What Is User Generated Content? User generated content comes in all shapes and sizes. From merely sharing user’s images, to photo contests, to item or company reviews, numerous successful business on Instagram are experimenting with user produced material in one kind or another.The most convenient way

to consider user generated content is this: brand names taking the best-of-the-best user content from around the web and including it on their own social networks or other platforms while offering credit to the original creator(user ). You might have seen UGC prior to and not even
understood it– Take this gorgeous picture from REI for instance: All user content! Every one of these pictures got more than 20,000 likes on Instagram– showing the enormous capacity of UGC to capture the minds and
hearts of audiences.Why UGC is very important for Brands User created content is necessary for brands on two fronts. The first is developing a lively and engaged neighborhood with material that your audience enjoys and the 2nd is adjusting to the brand-new” socially-dependent generations”that we are starting to see gain major purchasing power.Building a Vibrant & Engaged Community Social network is the gateway that allows brand names to connect authentically with audience members individually. By utilizing UGC, brands offer genuine users the opportunity to inform genuine stories– something that may be naturally missing from brand name generated content.In doing so, brands naturally

embrace the role of navigator, skillfully assisting the user journey.According to research study from marketing start-up Crowdtap and the worldwide research business Ipsos, Millennials and other generations trust UGC 50%more than other types of media. User created material is truly fascinating since the developer has no ulterior intention than to merely contribute to the digital discussion. Adapting to “Socially-Dependent Generations “Did you know that by 2017, Millennials– currently in their mid-teens to mid-30s– will have more spending power than any other generation? Two studies showed some remarkable outcomes:84%of Millennials report that user-generated content
on business sites has at least some influence on
what they buy and where 43 %of individuals are more likely to buy a brand-new item when they have learned about it through social channels or from loved ones The implications of UGC on the power to influence buyers to take specific actions from social networks and other digital platforms is huge.This insightful infographic reveals just howimportant

user-generated content is in the scope of your total marketing method: Image through crowdtap Guide to Creating a User Produced Material Project Amazing! You’re encouraged that UGC will help grow your Instagram followers,

  • increase product purchases gradually, and boost engagement across the board on all social media channels.Now the concern is, where do you start?Determine Your Social Angle The fantastic thing about user created material is that you can take it in many fun and intriguing methods. Which is why you’ll wish to first decide what you would like it to show on your

brand. Obviously, this can and will change gradually as you find brand-new things about what your audience loves.In other words, what do you want every single piece of user material that you post to”state”about your brand, item, or company culture? For instance, if you’re a digital marketing company and post an image of a beach in Hawaii( though it might be gorgeous), consider what that may say

about your brand name. Enjoyable? Easy going? Unprofessional?Remember, you as the brand name are the

navigator– just directing the user journey. WorkHardAnywhere is a stunning Instagram account with more than 47,000 followers that features 100 %user-generated content. Each image records what life might look like
as audience members work hard anywhere– And they happen to make an app that allows you to discover the finest locations to do so!A quick list of concerns to help you decide what type of content to think about including: What makes our brand or item unique?What makes our business culture unique?What is the ideal manner in which I would like others to see our brand or product?What is something that people might not know about our brand name or product?What compelling stories do our users need to tell?What is the most gorgeous and appealing way I can showcase my brand name or product?Find the very best Material 2 typical mistaken beliefs about user-generated content are that it’s difficult to discover which just brand names with a large quantity of resources are able to effectively make use of UGC projects. I ‘d enjoy to encourage you to experiment with UGC even if you’re a social media group of one. There are 2 techniques that I suggest using to gather great user material. The first is by hosting social media contests and free gifts and the 2nd is actively looking for out users in your area utilizing hashtags and a couple of social networks tools. Hashtags and Contests with Giveaways What we’ve discovered again and again is that individuals like to share their own content and they like complimentary things from brand names. These 2 things are a powerful mix for curating incredible content from your community.Here are 2 tried and true ideas to get started with contests and free gifts to

  • collect UGC: Brand name Generated Hashtag: Creating a brand generated hashtag serves 2 result-driven purposes. It offers people a simple method to submit content. Second, it helps
  • to offer your brand name an unique voice and social angle. Brainstorm
  • hashtags that pertain to your brand and ones that will permit users to send interesting images.

    , at Buffer, we began the hashtags

    #BufferStories and #BufferCommunity to display the special stories of our users. These hashtags have actually opened a substantial variety of material choices from curated stories of digital nomads to social networks tips from online marketers. Each time we share a new UGC image on Instagram we make sure to consist of these hashtags .
    Every as soon as in a while we include a CTAalong the lines of:”share your story using #BufferStories”to keep the project alive.Photo Contests with Free gifts: When done right, Instagram photo contests with free gifts can be a terrific way to gather
    and share user-generated material while providing back to active users. Similar to brand created
    hashtags, users send photos by publishing entries on their own accounts using a particular hashtag produced by your brand name. While your audience might be more than pleased to share content without any rewards attached, including a free gift definitely assists to sweeten the offer and boost engagement. Birchbox, for instance, does a fantastic job of using free gifts to
    drive a big amount of engagement and growth on Instagram. They ask for

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