Newbie Instagram Tips for Dropshipping or Affiliate Marketing

Newbie Instagram Tips for Dropshipping or Affiliate Marketing

I have had an Instagram represent a while however I have actually never ever truly taken the time to use Instagram for marketing functions.

Last month I created a new account for a niche store that I am try out. The niche is avocados. Yes, avocados! When I created my Instagram account, I had no idea the number of avocado fans had accounts of their own.

In this post, I’ll discuss what I have actually discovered so far with utilizing Instagram. You can market your shop products or affiliate items for complimentary. Let’s start!

Creating Your Instagram Account

This is basic enough. You produce your account from the Instagram app on your mobile phone. You can choose any username that you want (so long as it’s offered) and you can change it at any time.

Attempt to stay with a name that is that same as your shop or as close to it as possible for branding functions.

Post Some Photos

Once your account is produced, you can begin posting some images. As you can see from my account,

my niche is avocados. I publish a combination of images from food pictures, avocado facts, and the items that I promote:

Begin Following Other Accounts

The next thing I did was follow other avocado associated accounts. Instagram will also show you suggestions for accounts to follow.

I began following healthy food accounts, vegans, diet professionals, home chefs, etc. Some accounts followed back and others didn’t.

The ones that did follow back, I made sure to engage with likes and remarks. This is crucial as I feel it assists to keep them as followers.

I am genuine in my remarks. Individuals can inform when comments are automated. A minimum of I understand I do as I get those kinds of comments often.

Post New Content Often

Comparable to blog site content, Instagram content should be posted frequently. I attempt to post brand-new images three to 4 times daily. Some photos are of my meals which is simple.

Other photos, I prepare beforehand. The time that you post may be useful. You will read differing opinions on the very best time to publish.

I have been publishing around 10am, 12pm, 5pm, and 11pm throughout the work week. The weekends appear to be a lot slower so I post maybe two times on the weekends unless I am out and about and feel like posting more.

Automated Post Software Application

There are different automated Instagram publishing software that you can attempt so that you do not need to by hand publish yourself. A few of the ones I’ve attempted consist of:

I do not mind publishing by hand considering that the time between posts are hours apart. If you are running several accounts you may find that using the automated software application is more efficient.

Be Careful of Purchasing Followers and Likes

You might be tempted to speed up the process of gaining followers and likes on your posts by buying them. Instagram frowns upon this strategy and will close your account if captured doing so.

It doesn’t indicate that there aren’t plenty of accounts that get away with it. Nevertheless, I choose to play it safe and develop my account appropriately from the start.

Using Hashtags

Part of getting more likes and followers is by utilizing hastags in all of your posts. You can constantly use the ideas that turn up within Instagram.

A much easier method is to utilize a hashtag generator. I have been using a complimentary phone app called Leetags. Leetags gives you the best tips for the keyword that you search for. You search utilizing more than one keyword at a time. The app brings up a list and you eliminated the hashtags that you do not desire to use.

You can then copy the list to paste into your Instagram post or you can conserve the list to utilize over and over. All that you need to do is click the copy and paste link and you’re all set.

Techniques for Creating Instagram Material

You may be wondering how I come up with content on a regular basis for my niche which is avocados. I do a few things which I’ll highlight listed below.

Posting My Own Food Pics

When I do eat something with avocado, I’ll post my own food photos as envisioned below. Obviously, I don’t get the chance to eat avocados every day so I have to come up with other types of material.

Repost Pics

I likewise repost photos from other accounts using the Repost app. I don’t do this typically as some account owners may not desire their images reposted.

Nevertheless, if I discover something that has actually captured my interest such as the avocado sauce visualized below, I will repost the image and credit the account owner in both the picture and my text description:

What is fantastic about a repost is that it can create a discussion. In the post envisioned above, I simply asked if anyone has actually attempted the sauce. You can see a real reaction in the comments.

Utilizing Food Pics From Unsplash

Another method I get avocado food pics to utilize is by downloading totally free images from These images are totally free to utilize in any method that you desire.

You can credit the developers if you desire to however it isn’t compulsory. I utilize the food pics on their own or I use them to produce ideas and truths connected to avocados.

I create these images utilizing Photoshop however you can likewise utilize Canva to do the same thing.

Promoting My Shop Products

If you inspect out my Instagram account, you will observe that I spray in a couple of product images together with my routine content.

I try not to exaggerate it on the promo however I’ll make one post every day an item promo.

What is nice about Instagram is that it is owned by Facebook so they make it simple to link your account to a Facebook page.

Each time I make a post from Instagram, I have the alternative to publish it to my Facebook page as well.

Take a look at my description text for the item image above. If you notice, I tag my account and I post my shop’s URL.

The factor I do both is so that individuals can quickly click on my Instagram profile page and click on my store link.

Posting the URL is for my Facebook page. When it posts to my page, Facebook will automatically link my URL so that Facebook followers can click on the link.

I do get traffic to my shop’s website from both Instagram and Facebook. Far I have actually made one sale which is great for totally free traffic.

As you build your following, the more sales you are most likely to get.

In Conclusion

I hope this post has been helpful in finding out a thing or 2 about utilizing Instagram for promoting your dropshipping or affiliate marketing products.

To summarize, here are some things to remember:

  • Post new pictures regularly (3 to 4 times each day if possible– less on weekends)
  • Truly engage with your fans (likes and comments)
  • Use good hashtags (I use the Leetags app)
  • Tag your account and publish your store’s URL in your item descriptions

Also keep in mind that there are numerous Instagram users that are utilizing software to follow accounts and then unfollow after they have actually gotten a follow.

You’ll get these accounts rapidly. The exact same goes for comments. You’ll receive comments that are undoubtedly automated.

These are very beginner suggestions as these are things that I have actually learned as a beginner to utilizing Instagram for branding and promotion myself.

Do you have any tips to share? You can do so in the remarks below.

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